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About Shall We Talk

1 in 5 young people suffer from a mental illness. 
70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age.

The statistics are staggering, but traditional services and approaches are no longer sufficient to address the unique barriers that young people face accessing mental health support. Shall We Talk is an organization dedicated to addressing this gap, aiming to build a supportive community for the millions of youth affected by mental illness. We focus on creating youth mental health change and promoting mental wellness by offering tailored, accessible mental health support to youth.


Ranging from a series of resources to initiatives, we humanize the concept of mental health, work with youth to provide a free, supportive, and comfortable platform. 

Shall We Talk focuses on meeting the specific, evolving needs of youth. Therefore, the process of developing, designing, and volunteering in our programs are led and implemented by youth. 

Our Goals 
Our Goals Are To:
1) Alleviate the heavy stigma against mental health, exacerbated by an underdeveloped culture of identifying and treating mental health in the Greater Bay Area
2)Bring accessible, tailored mental health support and an open space to youth in need  

3) Promote mental wellbeing for Greater Bay Area youth of all backgrounds.  
Our Values 
Shall We Talk is is a mental health foundation dedicated to building and empowering a supportive community for the millions of youth affected by mental illnesses. We are committed to embracing diversity (regardless of background, ethnicity, gender identification, lifestyle, faith, sexual orientation), and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the process of getting support.
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